NTC Overnight Express established in 1995  October 10th with the inspiration of company’s director who used to work for Railway department which is responsible as a delivery .During working for railway department our director also have an idea about changing the service system to satisfy our customer

After resignation from Railway department the director bring his philosophy “Get a package within 24 hrs” to impress the customer with our service and responsible for customer’s property and merchandise these will be our first priority as you can see our standard “Comfortable Accessible Reliable Guarantee”

Now a day NTC deliver the merchandise to 4 divisions of Thailand Northern,Central,North-East and East of Thailand including 200 districts 40 provinces with more 30 branches to provide the merchandise to its destination. Talking about our houses we’ve got more 200 large and small container cars standby and ready to serve in the service area.



We realize that rapidly service is the key of our business so we use this key to manage the organization’s philosophy

  • Sending the merchandise to the destination within 24 hrs.
  • Maximum guarantee
  • Safety container cars
  • Every container car is the property of NTC
  • Politely Swiftly Service
  • Reasonable Price


Vision of service

NTC is the leader of domestic transportation. You’ll get your merchandise with the impression of our service.



  • Rapidly (Compared with other organization , NTC can provide you an extra fast transport within 24 hrs you ‘ll get a package safety)
  • Maximum guarantee (We will take an extra care of your merchandise & property from the departure to the destination)
  • Safety (Don’t worry about your package cause we got the container cars no matter how big your package is we can manage placing the package firmly)
  • Service with responsibility (You’ll get a package with our impressive service)
  • Cheaper Price (Compared to other transportation we have our own car to provide the package to its owner but you don’t have to pay more)